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Nancy Camaldo is an italian filmmaker based in Munich. She studied directing at the acclaimed university of television and film Munich (HFF), where she wrote and directed multiple short films and ads. 


Her work focuses on cinematic narrative and creating authentic characters. She is deeply committed to work with the actors and bring out their potential in front of the camera. Never forgetting that every single story demands an unique and matching cinematic visual.  


Among her several national and international approved projects, the short HAUT (SKIN) premiered in Clermont-Ferrand and was shortlisted for the Bafta Student Film Award. Since then, she was able to prepare, write and shoot her first feature and graduation film WINDSTILL (2020/21).

FILMOGRAPHY (Selection) 


2020 WINDSTILL (115 Min) | Directing & Screenplay | Feature Film Drama | Elfenholz Film GmbH, Bayerischer Rundfunk, HFF Munich, Funded by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and IDM Südtirol.

(in Post Production)


2018  SEALEGACY - TRADITIONS (2 Min) | Directing & Screenplay | Spec Spot | Elfenholz Film GmbH, HFF Munich.


2017 HAUT (23 Min) | Directing & Screenplay | Short Drama | Elfenholz Film GmbH, Bayerischer Rundfunk, HFF Munich.


2017 BMW GROUP STUDENT FORUM MILAN (3 Min) | Directing | Event Film | Elfenholz Film GmbH.


2016 VIELFALT ERLEBEN - GIARDINI DA VIVERE (2 Min) | Directing | Commercial | Elfenholz Film GmbH.


2016  EVOLUTION (30 Sec) | Directing | Cinema spot | Elfenholz Film GmbH. 


2016  FIESTA (28 Min) | Directing | Short Drama | HFF Munich. 


2014 ALTER (30 Min) | Director & Screenplay: Nancy Camaldo and Veronika Hafner | Short documentary | Elfenholz Film GmbH, Glitzer Film, HFF Munich.


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Nancy Camaldo


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